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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Nairobi

Well, first of all, we would like to say, Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners is more than just a cleaning company. We are your trusted partner in the facility’s rejuvenation. We are an expert in office cleaning services in Nairobi. When you partner with us, you will find us an affordable solutions provider for all your office cleaning requirements, from maintenance and janitorial services to cleaning your retail spaces, offices, and more. Our cleaning experts can handle it all.

Have You Cleaned Your Home
Carpet Lately?

Even though carpets have different advantages, they also have some disadvantages. You need to clean them regularly. Why? Well, carpets are prone to absorb the unpleasant smell, and they also get stained. If not taken care of properly, within a few weeks, your carpet will look discolored and worn-looking. They attract allergens, tiny bugs, dust, and mites. If you want to maintain the original charm of your carpet, then it’s time to opt for professional carpet cleaning in Nairobi offered by Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners.
Young woman with rechargeable vacuum cleaner cleaning at home
Living Area

A Deeper Clean for a Fresh-Looking
and Healthier House

Just like your air filter, your beautiful carpet should be deep cleaned regularly to remain effective. The hot carbonating extraction process used by Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners is proven to be very effective and can clean more than 99 percent of allergens, like dust mite matters, pet dander, and more, from your carpets.

Green Cleaning Solution

You can always trust us to use quality cleaning solutions that are 100 percent safe for your home, family, and environment. We don’t use any harsh chemicals. Our cleaning solutions include natural ingredients and work quite more effectively than chemical-cleaning solutions.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services Help:

  • Lower the spread of diseases, bacteria, and germs. 
  • Eliminate spots and stains present on the carpet.  
  • Lower the effects of wear.
  • Extend the life of the carpets. 
  • Restore the natural appearance and texture of the carpets

Your Trusted Carpet Cleaner in Nairobi

When it comes to hiring the best carpet cleaning Nairobi expert, people prefer to choose Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners. As a leading commercial cleaner, we have years of experience cleaning carpets of all styles and textures and along with this we provide sanitary bins services in nairobi . If you don’t know how often and in which way your carpet should be cleaned, just give us a call. Have your beautiful carpets cleaned by Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners and increase your carpet lifespan. 


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