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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi


It is well said that a clean and pristine workspace is a mandatory aspect of offering a healthy and suitable work environment. And in doing so, Green Dolphin Commercial Cleaners has emerged as a prominent figure. Let’s discuss the highlight that makes us cosmopolitan for office cleaning services in Nairobi.

Basic cleaning services for small space

If your small office stays pretty clean, basic office cleaning services are the best option. Under this service, we offer you sweep, mop, and wipe dirty surfaces. Additionally, we clean shared spaces like the kitchen and bathroom for a hygienic environment. Through our services, we ensure you keep your office clean and safe without risking the health of employees and concerns.

Deep-cleaning for long lasting results

Our deep office cleaning services is a detailed procedure that goes beyond basic offerings. It includes microwaves, upholstery, cupboards, appliances, floors, and furniture. In order to keep the office space clean and disinfected thoroughly, it is important to perform this twice a year, i.e., in spring and fall.

Deep disinfection for avoiding illnesses

Deep disinfection is vital for large offices or smaller ones with many employees. It is an eco-friendly procedure that minimises the risk of diseases and infections as it prevents viruses and bacteria from spreading. We, with a team of skilled professionals, disinfect every surface—workspaces, ceiling fans, faucets, and doorknobs. 

(Note: This process takes a few days for proper ventilation before the office is safe to use.)

Sanitization for healthy environment

The sanitization procedure is designed to keep a special focus on frequently used areas. Through our extensive office cleaning service, we ensure your employees have clean keyboards, desktops, mice, chair arms, and bathroom and kitchen surfaces. The sanitization process is Ideal for regular cleaning, especially when employees use the office often. Ensures their workspaces are pollutant, virus, and bacteria-free.

Blinds and curtains cleaning

Blinds and curtains in the office are unattained with cleansing and care. They can quietly gather dirt, especially with foot traffic. Professional cleaners use special machines and vacuums to disinfect them. This prevents sneezing and discomfort when opening or closing blinds.

Carpet and floor cleaning

In every office, wall-to-wall carpets get dirty on a regular basis. However, regular cleaning isn’t enough to keep them tidy and hygienic. Our trained service providers are specialised in carpet cleaning. They hold expertise in deep-clean and disinfecting, removing bacteria, dust, and mites.

Upholstery and furniture cleaning

High-traffic areas like desks and sofas need more than surface cleaning. Our office cleaning service uses industry-grade vacuums and cleaning products to give furniture a fresh start. Additionally, we repeat this procedure every few months based on usage and foot traffic.

Green cleaning approach

For eco-friendly offices, green cleaning is an ideal option. Our cleaners specialize in green methods or ask regular cleaners to use eco-friendly products. Specify preferred brands or types. This popular choice avoids harsh chemicals, promoting a healthier, natural environment for employees. It’s especially beneficial for those sensitive to regular cleaning products, showing care for their health and well-being.


In the professional atmosphere, a clean and pristine workspace is the first factor that creates a long-lasting impression on the clients. When clients visit your office, they want to experience your hospitality in which a clean atmosphere is the first factor to be considered.  We guarantee a positive first impression by cleaning your entire office building. Our office cleaning services in Nairobi cover lobbies, conference rooms, and open office spaces. We specialize in thorough cleaning tailored to your standards.  Our services cover lobbies, conference rooms, and open office spaces. Additionally,  we specialize in thorough cleaning tailored to your standards.

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