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What is the cost of cleaning services in Nairobi?

Office Cleaning Services in Nairobi

The cost of cleaning your house or business is ultimately determined by various factors, including the number of rooms, square footage, frequency of cleaning, and service type. We need additional information about your home or business cleaning requirements to provide the most accurate Office Cleaning Services Nairobi quote. For a free estimate, please get in touch with us immediately.


Our fees are detailed below

Monthly contractual office cleaning:

If you want to outsource your office cleaning tasks completely, Arrow cleaning services can provide you with a professional steward for an estimated fee of Ksh. 15,000 to 26,800. The rates are based on the number of days worked in a week, the number of hours worked in a day, and the number of cleaning products used. Our pricing is customized to meet your individual needs.


I’d want to point out that to recruit and keep talent, we pay all of our cleaning stewards over minimum wage, and we do so on or before the first of the month. We also have a reserve force to cover unforeseen events such as sick leave, yearly leave, compassionate leave, etc.



Training is provided in-house by our experienced operations team, followed by an assessment exam and a certificate issuance following successful course completion. We put them through practical training once they have completed theoretical instruction. This is made feasible by one-time cleaning, in which recruits clean under strict supervision to ensure attention to detail, quickness, and politeness.


One-Time Cleaning Services – Our one-time cleaning services include


    • Post-construction cleaning costs vary depending on various parameters such as the number of stewards needed, the type of cleaning products or accessories required, and the location. Call us to set up a free consultation and pricing.
    • After-Tenancy Cleaning Services – Prices will vary depending on various criteria such as the number of stewards needed, the type of machinery used, and the location. Call us to set up a free consultation and pricing.
    • Office General Cleaning – Prices will vary depending on a variety of things like the kind of floor, the number of stewards needed, machinery, and location. Call us to set up a free consultation and pricing.
    • From the standpoint of cleaning churches, restaurants, offices, or retail businesses, the affordability of office cleaning services is mainly determined by square footage, which is a double-edged sword. More materials and labour are required when the office is more prominent, but you may also negotiate a discount when your office space is more significant.

Key Takeaway of Our Commercial Cleaning Nairobi


    • Executive Office Cleaning
    • COVID-19 Fumigation
    • Post Construction Cleaning
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Fumigation & Pest Control
    • Sanitary bins
    • Landscaping/Grounds Maintenance


A single cleaning should cost between Ksh.1,000 and Ksh.15,000 for a single compact workplace. However, if you require a more complex or time-consuming procedure for a medium-sized workplace (approximately 1,000 square feet), it can quickly escalate to Ksh. 20,000 or more. Some examples of expenditures that might arise are:


What should you look for while looking for low-cost commercial cleaning services?


When hiring a low-cost office cleaning service, you should first consider the contract they ask you to sign. Signing an agreement is not always terrible, especially if the firm offers you a low-cost alternative to temporarily utilising its services. Still, you should be aware that the contract length is too long. Before asking you to sign a long-term contract, the firm should ideally allow you to try its services for a limited time.

When looking for low-cost office cleaning services, you should also look at firms that provide ecologically friendly cleaning services. Many older cleaning solutions and product variants contain ingredients that are not good for the environment. Many organizations now offer this option to assist you in complying with environmental standards if keeping a green workplace is vital to your organization.


If you operate in a specialized setting, please check that the low-cost office cleaning service you use has the necessary skills and provides thorough training that employees must complete achieving a high cleaning standard. This might involve using analytical software or checklists to verify that all obligations are done and meticulously recorded. Before agreeing to do business with them, be careful to clarify any particular cleaning requirements with the provider. Don’t be scared to ask for references from individuals in your business before signing a contract.


We all want to be proud of where we work for Office Cleaning Services Nairobi. You may have a cleaner, healthier, and happier workplace without spending much money if you use affordable office cleaning services. This investment in your business and your employees’ health and well-being may enhance productivity because you no longer have to worry about doing simple cleaning jobs in-house.


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